About Sifnos island

Sifnos combines the authentic Cycladic charm with its special identity. It is an island worth knowing. The Sifnos tour is filled with pleasant surprises and satisfies all interests. You will see archaeological sites that reveal aspects of the long history of the island. You will visit churches and monasteries, will fill your eyes with green landscapes and mountainous volumes. You will swim in crystal clear waters and enjoy the endless golden sandy beaches of the Aegean Sea.

This special Cycladic island, Sifnos, is part of the Southwest Cyclades and is located between Serifos, Kimolos and Paros.

Apollonia or Stavri, as the locals tend to call it, is the capital of the island. As its name implies, Apollo was worshiped there. The name Stavri is due to the geographical location of the city, as it is a mandatory crossroads - in all directions of the island. The city is built amphitheatrically on three hills, in the center of the island. The traditional architecture and the uniformity of the buildings impress every visitor.

The port of the island is located in the area of Kamares and is 6 km from Apollonia. It is the largest seaside village on the island and is a pole of attraction for many visitors every year that prefer it as a place of residence. Kamares, took their name from the many caves that were formerly in the area.

Faros is the most picturesque fishing village of Sifnos and is 7 km from Apollonia. It is the most sheltered from the wind, port of the island, as it is protected by the three cape (Lighthouse, Glypho, Fasolou) that surround it.

One of the most beautiful villages in Sifnos is Artemonas. Here are the most mansions and neoclassical villas, with gardens and paved courtyards. It is worth visiting this village with the unique aristocratic figure. At the top of the hill you will see the old picturesque windmills.

Castro is one of the villages that every island traveler needs to see. The small castle city of Sifnos is inhabited since ancient times. The medieval settlement has been built on a steep hill and at the same place as the ruins of the ancient Acropolis. The present form of the Castle is a typical example of the Venetian architecture of the fortress. Walk in its alleys and travel in time!

Tour the island and experience all its hidden beauties. Each village has a special history depicted in the old mansions and the hospitable faces of its inhabitants. Special characteristic of the Siphonians is their faith and respect for the traditions. There are many churches and chapels on the island. Throughout the year, traditional festivals are organized, where food is usually served (usually chickpea soup - revitade - ) followed by a traditional feast with violins and dances. If your holiday coincides with a holiday it is worth attending such a festivity. Like Prophet Elias, Saint Panteleimon, Panagia, Stavros, Agios Nikitas, Taxiarchis etc

Pottery is an art with a long tradition in Sifnos. You will see this from the exceptional quality of ceramics and the enormous variety of designs that you will find in the many shops and workshops of the island. Do not forget to buy ceramic and decorative items!

Sifnos is the homeland of the famous cook, Nikos Tselementes, and is famous for its traditional recipes. You will taste them in the taverns of the island. The most famous dishes are chickpea balls, chickpea soup –revitade-, string beans with garlic sauce, chickpeas in the oven and caper salad. It is also worth tasting the local cheeses, mizithra and manoura. And for dessert, choose Sifnian sweets, such as almond macaroons, tea side sweets, pastels, bourekia and kurabiedes.

Every September in Sifnos, is organized the three-day Cycladic Gastronomy Festival "Nicolaos Tselementes". Participating delegations from all the Cycladic islands presenting their local recipes and their local customs. It is a great experience for those who are visiting the island to attend the festival events and enjoy unique Cycladic recipes.